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About game:

When the original video game Run was released, no one expected that it would be a hit, but look how insanely huge it is now, and that event lead to the birth of Run 2, the next Running & Platform video game in the series of Run developed by Joseph Cloutier (Player 03). As an upgrade from the first installment, Run 2 allows the player to pick one between two default players instead of one. Those two adorable animated characters have different characteristics and abilities.

If you pick the Runner, who is also the original protagonist of the game, you will be able to control him in the easiest way but, you can’t let him jump as far as you desire. On another side, we have the new guy named the Skater, this little guy can fix the problem of the Runner since he can hump father but nobody’s perfect, the Skater isn’t easy to be controlled. The game world in Run 2 once again takes place in the space with the floating playground. Your selected character will have to go forward automatically and you will help him to get over the obstacles by using the keyboard.

There are a set of various levels and as a rule of any video game, you will start from the first level named RightLeftSpace, which can be considered as the clue about the surroundings in the level. Do you want to explore that thrilling game world in Run 2 now? Let’s go!

Run 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press Left button to go left.

Press Space button to jump.

Press Right button to go right.

Press P to pause.

Press R to reset.

Tips and tricks:

You can easily modify any key by tapping on it and type in another key you desire.

You will be brought right back into the game after you fall out of the playground.

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