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About game:

Learn to Fly 3 is a fantastic Platform video game which was developed by Light Bringer Games. This video game is the third installment in the franchise of Learn to Fly. Continuing writing the story about a Penguin who learns to fly, Learn to Fly 3 brings in various Upgrades with lots of thrilling elements. This time, you will be helping a friendly Penguin who is angry because of the hateful emails he received. Somehow, he tries to fly to the moon using a rocket in order to prove that whatever the haters wrote about him was wrong.

Learn to Fly 3 serves different slots in order to give you the chance of experiencing the video game in various signs of progress. There are four different gaming modes, the first one to be unlocked is Story. In this mode, you will have to buy a launcher In order to help your penguin protagonist to fly. The launchers cost cash and the game gives you some in the budget at the beginning.

As you advance in the game, you will earn more cash. In an addition to that, Learn to Fly 3 also brings in the Medal system, some medals will grant you permanent bonuses. Even more, you will get bonus Points and New Items every time you complete a game in the Story mode. There are more than one thing that awaits you in Learn to Fly 3, why don’t you click play either in Muted or Unmuted mode now? Have yourself some fun!

Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press W to boost.

Press S to brake.

Press A to turn left.

Press D to turn right.

Press Enter to either Start or Abort.

Tips and tricks:

Touching the ground too much will make your day end sooner than you expect.

It’s inefficient if you go to fast due to the Air Friction.

Learn to Fly 3 Walkthrough

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