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What are you doing today? How about a trip to the Happy Room video game, which was built by the great game developer Mana potion studios? This thrilling video game Happy Room can also be compared to special dishes among many games you have tasted before. Your gaming experience will be taken to an entirely new level in Happy Room. If you dare to try the game immediately, let us start the incredible gameplay of Happy Room, now!

About game:

Happy Room is a Platform game that serves high-quality elements. Developed and published by Mana potion studios, Happy Room takes you into the role of a crazy scientist who aims to make various experiments on humans. However, the goal of this video game is making players relax after a long day at work, just like many other Action video games.

In the gameplay of Happy Room, you have to accomplish the tasks that the game gives. One task will show you what to do and you have to try your best to follow it, otherwise, you will be lost. Starting with placing a mine in the first mission using the mouse cursor, you will see how much damage you cause to the laboratory humans. The game will count the damage and reward you with money. The more damage you will cause, the more money you will earn.

As you can see, there are plenty of weapons in the game. You will be able to unlock them all, as long as you have enough money. Even more, Happy Room supports a set of achievements. This feature makes your game more challenging as you have to try to complete achievements in order to get more and more money.

The game brings in wonderful graphics with extremely exciting sounds. If you think that you can bear the slight violence in the video game, then you should take the chance and play the game as hard as you can. The journey through the gameplay of Happy Room can last longer than you think, since there is more than one precious element for you to discover. This lovely game Happy Room shall bring happiness back to your face after you get to play it. Have some fun!

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How to play:

Follow the direction in the game.

Use the mouse cursor to point and click so you can interact with the screen.

Tips and tricks:

The more weapons you place in one test, the more damage you cause to the laboratory humans.

You can easily remove everything you have placed in the laboratory by using the clicking the bin icon.

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