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About game:

Prepare yourself for one of the most entertaining video game ever exists, whose name is Get Op Top. Developed by Bennett Foddy, Get On Top is a Platform video game centers on Wrestling element. The game offers two funny characters, one is Red and the other is Blue. Each one of them can be considered as the representation of one gender such as Boy or Girl, some player can even refer them to the two different sides of a person such as Hot and Cold.

However, the fact that these two funny animated characters bring in joys throughout the video game Get On Top cannot be denied. Do you know why? Because they won’t let you play the entire video game alone. Get On Top immediately will bring you and your competitor into the competition as you guys get into the gameplay. On the playground, there will be only you and your competitor, which makes you have to fight hard to make your competitor fall.

Feel free to push and pull since those are two main actions of the game. Get On Top will count the ratio as soon as one of you guys fall down. With Get On Top, you will have the kind of Happiness that you never had before. If you don’t trust us, let’s test the game on your own and see if you like it or not!

Get On Top Unblocked:

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How to play:

player: Use Blue W A S D

Red player: Use arrow keys.

Tips and tricks:

Try the game in full-screen mode and set the sound at max volume to have even more fun!

Get On Top doesn’t require you to use the computer mouse as you can do nothing with it.

Get On Top Walkthrough

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