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Slither.io is an .io video game developed by Steve Howse. The game follows the footstep of the legendary Snake video games and serves such an exciting gameplay with lots of modern elements. Do you want to try Slither.io now? Let’s find it out with us now!

About game:

Have you ever played an addictive video game as Slither.io? We guess no, since Slither.io might be the most addictive video game that you have ever play! In this video game, you will get to control a worm whose name is picked at the title screen. Start from being a little worm, your mission is eating as many foods as you can to grow yourself up. As you can see, there are tons of colourful eatable things that are widely spread all over the playground. The more foods you consume, the longer you become.

You are able to move around the playful game ground of Slither.io and explore whatever you want within it! But look, there are many other worms that are doing the same thing as you are! Since Slither.io is an .io game, it allows multiple players to join one game server and spend time having fun competing against one to another. It seems like the battles in Slither.io are pretty quick and they never come to an end. Why? Because after just a simple touch between two worms, only the one who is touched will survive.

No wonder why Slither.io is so addictive to everyone since the game offers such a quick gameplay, which brings joys and excitements In an addition to that, Slither.io is also praised for its amazing 3D Graphics that make everything in the game looks lively beautiful. You are able to choose a skin mong various ones for your worm as well. Feel free to dress your worm up in any skin you desire since Slither.io provides more than 60 different skins! In the same game ground with multiple players, only the strongest player can top the leader board! Now let’s start the gameplay of Slither.io and aim for the first place in the game! And remember, this game also has iOS and Android versions for your mobile devices! Have fun!

Slither.io Unblocked:

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How to play:

Control the worm – Mouse.

Boost your speed – hold the mouse left click button.

Tips and tricks:

Avoid running into any worm you see, regardless of its size.

Slither.io Walkthrough

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